Young people between 8-25 years old who help look after someone who is ill, disabled, have a mental health disorder or/and is using drugs/alcohol.

A child becomes a Young Carer when the level of care giving and responsibility becomes inappropriate for that child. This may then impact on his or her emotional or physical well being, educational achievement and life chances.

A Young Carer may be deemed to be a ‘child in need’ as defined under the Children Act (1989).

  • There are over 700,000 Young Carers in the UK
  • 1 in 3 Young Carers spend 11-20 hours each week caring
  • The average age of a Young Carer is 12 years old
  • 11,000 carers in Wales are children.
  • Within Ceredigion 15% of every year group in secondary schools are carers

It is important to remember that young carers are ordinary young people with the same emotional needs as others their age.

A young carer’s personal and physical development, physical and emotional health, as well as social opportunities can all be affected by the family situation and their caring role.

  • Over 2/3 of Young Carers aged 8-16 say they have been bullied
  • 27% have experienced problems in school
  • 38% of Young Carers aged 14-25 have mental health problems because of their caring role
  • 42% experience a breakdown in relationship with a family member
  • 61% find it difficult to form and retain friendships
  • Many feel isolated

 What does the Young Carers Service provide?

  • Support for Young Carers in sparsely populated rural locations
  • Have reached unidentified Young Carers 15% of Secondary School Pupils are Young Carers
  • Work Closely with Schools to meet the needs of Young Carers
  • Trained Link Workers in each School
  • Provide ‘time out’ from their caring role
  • 1-2-1 sessions
  • Assessments and reviews
  • Gives Young Carers a voice

Support within Schools:-

  • Flexible deadlines on school work.
  • Someone for the young carer to talk to, e.g. a counsellor, youth worker, or support staff.
  • A nominated Young Carers link worker based in each Ceredigion secondary school.
  • Access to a telephone, so a young carer can contact home if they’re worried.
  • Assisting parents with a disability to attend parents’ evenings, or communicate with them in some other way.
  • Access to school trips and extra-curricular activities.
  • An in-school support group for young carers delivered by Ceredigion Young Carers service or within Hafan.
  • PSE lessons on Young Carers, disability, ill-health and caring as part of the curriculum or assembly, to raise awareness amongst students.
  • Support strategies and procedures for supporting young carers, e.g.
    • Embedding the topic into INSET days
    • Information sharing with staff
    • Regular newsletter & school website articles
    • Incorporate into Home-School Agreement
    • Posters and leaflets available in the school

Our Young Adult Carers support group meets monthly throughout the county and take part in a range of activities. 

We also provide monthly support groups for young carers. At their request, we meet at different locations with a range of activities depending on the current interests.

Please see our Young Carers charter available here – Young Carers Charter