Action for Children excels in delivering services to young carers and currently delivers 32 Young Carers Project across the UK, 10 of which are in Wales.  All of these projects follow a similar model delivering a mix of:

  • advice and information
  • individual support for young carers on a one-to-one basis (and for parents if required)
  • needs assessment of young carers and their family
  • opportunities for young people to meet other young carers
  • opportunities for young people to join in planned groups and activities
  • signposting to other services if necessary, for young carers and/or parents
  • advocacy work
  • occasional family outings
  • outings for young carers
  • help for young carers to access adult services on turning 18
  • awareness raising
  • work with schools
  • multi-agency working

Our Charter

Pembrokeshire Young Carers Charter:

In partnership with ‘Investors in Carers’ Pembrokeshire Young Carers Project has created a Charter. The aim of this charter is to ensure that all Young Carers receive an acceptable level of support and engagement from professionals, services and organisations. Please look out for the Charter in Doctors Surgeries, Schools and Youth Clubs and if you know of anyone that would like to sign up to it please call 01437 761 330 and ask to speak with Charlotte Phillips Service Coordinator.

How to be part of the Project

Many children and young people are involved in caring for parents, siblings or other relatives who have an illness, disability, mental health condition, substance misuse or other need for care or supervision. These are called young carers and very often will carry out on a regular basis, significant or substantial caring tasks and assume a level of responsibility that would usually be associated with an adult. This can affect a young person’s education, friendship and own health as well as often resulting in isolation, lower self-esteem, aspirations and ambitions.

There are 175,000 young carers in the UK, 13,000 of which care for over 50 hours a week.  There are 11,000 known young carers in Wales.

Any child or young person can self-refer or a parent, teacher, social worker, GP or other practitioner can complete a referral form. Once a referral has been received a member of staff will be in contact to discuss the next steps with you.

Referrers please note that all referral forms must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Support Groups

Support and focus groups run during term time and Young Carers are allocated to a group on age, where they live and interests. Please remember we have a waiting list for groups so please always let your project worker know if you cannot attend. We have 6 groups throughout the county and each group runs fortnightly.

Young Adult Carers 15+

Sessions/events run every month with activities tailored to meet group and individual need during holidays.  Events and sessions are a mixture of information, drop in, 1:1 and fun activities.