If your child is between the age of 3 — 8 years old and is registered on the Specific Needs Register you can apply to attend this course.

Who can this course help?

 If your child displays:

· Attention/hyperactivity problems

· Behaviour or emotional problems

· Problem solving difficulties

· Academic/learning problems

If you as a parent have:

· Personal and interpersonal problems

· Lack of support

· Ineffective parenting skills

· High levels of stress

If any of the above points relate to you or your situation the Webster-Stratton course could help you!

The 10 week programme covers the following issues:

Week 1. How to play with your child. (Promoting your Childs self-esteem and encouraging co-operation).

Week 2. Helping your child learn through play.

Week 3. Play — Continued.

Week 4. Effective ways to praise and encourage your child.

Week 5. Praise and reward programmes.

Week 6. Effective limit setting.

Week 7. Effective limit setting — Continued.

Week 8. Decrease your Childs inappropriate  behaviour.

Week 9. Time out.

Week 10. Time out — Continued.

Aims of the programme: 

· To promotes positive parent/child relationships 

· To give parents better understanding of their children’s need during these years 

· To introduce and practice positive parenting skills, enabling parents to deal with the challenges their children bring e.g.

· behavior issues,

· boundaries,

· discipline,

· routines,

· emotional needs,

· shyness,

· friendship issues,

· learning difficulties etc

What does this course involve?

· Parents having a pre-course meeting with one of the course facilitators

· Each group session lasts 2 hours

· Groups are run by 2 qualified and experienced Webster Stratton facilitators

What does the course need from you? 

· You will need to attend  ALL 10 weekly group sessions

· You will need to make sure that childcare and transport arrangements made.

· You will need to make sure that home tasks carried out.  

· You will be asked to complete evaluation forms to help analysis of  parents progress